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BOOK REVIEW: “The Only Lonely Panda” by Johnny Lambert

A lonely panda wants to make a friend and sees another panda. He doesn't know how to make friends, so he looks at the animals around him and tries to be like them, hoping that it will impress the other panda. He tries behaving like a flamingo, like a lemur, like a Blue-Footed Booby, and even a peacock, without finding any success. Stealing peacock feathers proves to be particularly unwise. In frustration he sits to eat alone again, when who comes over? The female panda! She notices that his food looks yummy and he learns that a good way to make and be a friend is to share. This is such a beautiful book. Each page has a silver sheen background and white band across the bottom edge that unifies the book. The pages are simple, refined, and peaceful, as befits a story from the bamboo forest. The panda has slightly wonky proportions that add to the humor in the tale and to his escapades into friendship. The humor comes from the silly things that the bear does in an effort to make a friend  that also make him look silly and a little insane. Everyone has looked a little foolish sometimes in a new situation and with new people and will appreciate the feelings of this happy and awkward panda. The ending is a wonderful reminder that friendship is based on sharing and giving (and overlooking silly antics). This is a wonderful story for everyone!


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From Rachel Wadham, Host, WORLDS AWAITING


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