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MOVIE REVIEW: Life of the Party

Life of the Party, 4/11/18, 1hr 45min. PG-13

Life of the Party is the latest film from Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone. He directs his wife in this funny film about a woman whose husband abruptly asks for a divorce and she realizes she has been missing out on life. To make up for it she decides to finish her degree that she never finished at the same college her daughter is attending.  This is the same premise as the Rodney Dangerfield film Back to School, but that was 1986.

Fortunately this film is more up to date and is original. This is the first time Falcone and McCarthy have written a PG-13 film and they did a pretty good job.  Life of the Party starts a little slow when it comes to comedy but there is one scene in the middle that had the audience howling with laughter. 

Melissa McCarthy is a funny woman.  She can do comedy very well including physical comedy. Plus she can carry a movie all on her own.  She does a great job, as does the supporting cast of college girls including Hellen played by Gillian Jacobs.  I don’t know if she improvised her lines but they were funny.

Just because this film is rated PG-13 does not mean the humor is meant for kids.  The film is funny but it is meant for an older audience.  A lot of the humor is sexually based and deals with alcohol and drugs. There is quite a bit of drinking of the film mostly at frat parties plus some drug references.  There is some bad language and references to genitalia. 

I am giving Life of the Party a B grade.  

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