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BOOK REVIEW: “Hibernation Hotel” by John Kelly

This is the humorous story of a bear who wants to hibernate in peace. Each year he cuddles up with his buddies for his long winter's nap, and each year his friends snore, crowd, and stink up his cave. This year the bear decides to reserve a hotel room so that he can slumber in peace and comfort--but he just can't fall asleep! He's too hot, then too cold, then too hungry. Will his hibernation never begin? Just as he begins to despair, his friends show up and they all fall asleep. Although the hotel room is now noisy, stinky, and crowded. This is a funny little story with great illustrations, and makes a perfect winter-time tale. The message of the story is that sometimes what one wants isn't really what one needs. Bear wants solitude but finds that he is happier and more relaxed when he is surrounded by his friends. The bright pictures accentuate the story and hold the reader's attention from page to funny page. The humorous premise of the story is also delightful. A bear taking up residence in a fancy hotel is amusingly pictured on each layout to go along with the story line. This isn't a deep book, but is a very entertaining tale.


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From Rachel Wadham, Host, WORLDS AWAITING


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