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Constant Wonder: The Best Way of Living

Marcus Smith, content manager and host of “Thinking Aloud” and “Constant Wonder” shares his insight in this exclusive interview.

He says that our lives are more than just information. In fact, he believes Constant Wonder is an antidote for hectic living.

Marcus also doesn’t believe in balance. He says, “There are endless opportunities and we can’t pursue them all. We have to say ‘no’ to so many opportunities… Once you start saying ‘no’ judicially, you are pushing away even some nice opportunities; and the remaining opportunities are the chances for more deliberate, more qualitatively satisfying experiences.”

Finally, you’ll learn how music becomes symbolic to the show, Constant Wonder.

Don’t miss this exclusive interview with Marcus. Watch now. Be sure to check out Constant Wonder weekdays at 4PM ET (2PM MT).

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